Special Features to Look for When Purchasing a Heat Pump

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Heat pumps are an excellent way to keep your house warm without damaging the environment. Heat pumps work by taking heat from around your property and converting it into heat that can be used in the home – either as air or water. A special gas is used to increase the temperature of outside heat, making it suitable for indoor use. There are various models of heat pump to choose from, and it can be tricky to work out which one is best for you.

26 September 2016

Getting the Difference Between Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers Right

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Contrary to what many building owners may believe, the air inside their buildings can turn out to be more polluted than that outside. With the dreadful reality that a myriad of pollutant sources can be found in any home, it is important for you to take steps to better the quality of indoor air. Some of the many causes of indoor air pollution include combustion sources (burning firewood and tobacco smoke), building materials (asbestos-containing cement and lead paints), carpeting (e.

21 September 2016

Going For Cold: Should You Install Air Conditioning In Your Garage Or Use A Portable Air Conditioner?

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A garage can be a hot and humid place to work, particularly under the brutal glare of the Australian summer sun, and any home owner working extensively in their garage has probably considered installing air conditioning to make it a more pleasant place to be. However, installing air conditioning in your garage can be a complicated and expensive affair, and you might be tempted to opt for a cheaper portable air conditioner instead.

19 September 2016

Acoustics For Event Planners: how can you improve the acoustics of your hired space?

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Every event planner has come up against this at some point: you've finally found the perfect venue for your next big night. The atmosphere is wonderful, the location is great, there's enough room for your whole audience and they have all the facilities you need. You've got the perfect green room and a good place to set out your stage. There's just one problem, though--the acoustics are terrible. The good news is that you don't necessarily need to scrap your entire event thus far and start venue-hunting all over again just for this reason, even if you're hosting music and speakers.

16 September 2016

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Location For Your Bore

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Drilling a bore in your home can provide a reliable source of water for household and agricultural use even during a drought. Among the most important logistics before drilling a bore is choosing the ideal location. The site you choose can determine the amount of water available in the bore; therefore, the site selection should be made carefully. Here are some of the key factors that should influence your decision when selecting the suitable bore site.

15 September 2016

A Pain In The Grass: Preventing Grass Diseases From Infecting And Damaging Buffalo Grass Lawns

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Buffalo grass may be one of the most popular choices of turf around, but this popularity isn't without good cause -- when well laid and well cared for, buffalo grass lawns require little maintenance and are capable of withstanding just about anything the world can throw at it, from heavy foot traffic to inclement weather and even snowfall. However, buffalo grass is not invulnerable, and it is vulnerable to a number of plant diseases which can quickly infect and spread across your lawn.

14 September 2016

Must-Have Landscaping Supplies for the First-Time Homeowner

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When you buy your first home, you'll probably want to invest in certain tools to ensure you can keep up the interior and make minor repairs on your own. The right landscaping supplies can also mean creating an exterior space that is welcoming and eye-catching, and being able to maintain your lawn and flowerbeds on your own. Note a few must-have landscaping supplies and tools and other items you'll need if you're a first-time homeowner.

13 September 2016

A Few Suggestions for Erosion Control on Your Property

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Controlling erosion is very important for homeowners; not only will you be unable to grow a lush, green lawn on soil that is dry and dusty, but also this type of soil may not be strong enough to hold up your home's foundation and your home may begin to settle. Dry and dusty soil can also mean dust that gets into your home and causes irritation to your breathing and sinuses, and makes your home's ductwork dirty and dusty.

12 September 2016

From Laws to Bacteria: Four Reasons Commercial Kitchens Need Grease Traps

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If you are planning to open a business with a commercial kitchen, you may be wondering why you need a grease trap. The reasons vary, but here is a look at what you need to know. 1. Grease traps are legally required in some cases. When restaurants clean pots, plates and other things in their kitchen, they are likely to rinse a lot of greasy or buttery residue off the plates.

1 September 2016

Know Your Fire Extinguisher

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Fires have many different classes and require different methods to put them out safely and effectively. Having a range of fire extinguishers in the home or the workplace will allow you to tackle most outbreaks should you feel it is safe to do so. A fire needs fuel, air and heat; to remove one of these elements with an extinguisher will put out the fire effectively and safely if used correctly.

8 July 2016