Factors to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Location For Your Bore

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Drilling a bore in your home can provide a reliable source of water for household and agricultural use even during a drought. Among the most important logistics before drilling a bore is choosing the ideal location. The site you choose can determine the amount of water available in the bore; therefore, the site selection should be made carefully. Here are some of the key factors that should influence your decision when selecting the suitable bore site.

Slope of the land

The slope of the land on bore site should be taken into consideration. The ground surrounding the site should be sloping away and not towards it. If the ground slopes towards the bore, the chances of contamination from runoff, septic systems, and other water bodies are increased. As a result, you may end up drawing unsafe water from the bore. Always choose a bore site on flat land or where the land is sloping away from the desired location.

Proximity from other bores

If you are living in an area with booming agricultural activities or constant shortage of water, there's a chance that other people around your area have bores as well. You should make sure that the location you choose is not close to other bores that have already been drilled. If it is, the water pressure in your bore can reduce, and you may not be able to pump water efficiently to the required areas. Choose a location that's further away from other existing bores.

Groundwater level

Assessing the groundwater level in your area is essential when choosing a bore location. Some sites have a higher water table than others, and these are the ones that you should target for maximum water pressure. Have a qualified inspector assess all the potential areas to determine their groundwater levels. Once you get the results, you can choose the location with the highest water table to drill your bore.

Power source

Most bores use electrical powered or solar powered pumps to pump the water from the bore to the outlets. When using a solar powered pump, you can have the bore on any part of your property. However, for electric pumps, you will need to ensure that the power source is close to the bore. Alternatively, you will have to run electrical cords from the primary power source to the pump. Consider such logistics, their efficiency, and costs before choosing a particular bore location.

Consider these factors before choosing the perfect site to drill a bore in your property. You can have an experienced bore drilling contractor help you to decide the ideal location if you have trouble settling for a particular site.


15 September 2016

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