Must-Have Landscaping Supplies for the First-Time Homeowner

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When you buy your first home, you'll probably want to invest in certain tools to ensure you can keep up the interior and make minor repairs on your own. The right landscaping supplies can also mean creating an exterior space that is welcoming and eye-catching, and being able to maintain your lawn and flowerbeds on your own. Note a few must-have landscaping supplies and tools and other items you'll need if you're a first-time homeowner.

Landscaping rake

You probably have a rake to gather up leaves, but a landscaping rake is heavier with short metal tines meant for more heavy-duty jobs. This can mean breaking up topsoil for planting seeds or spreading items like mulch and river rock, which would probably cause damage to your standard leaf rake. A landscaping rake can also clean out a garden area or flowerbed as it can catch twigs, rocks, and other debris, giving you a better quality of soil for planting and growing.

Flat border spade

This tool is like a shovel but it has a flat head rather than a rounded edge and scoop design. A flat border spade is used to dig up edges around flowerbeds or your lawn. They're also a good choice when you want to pull up plants without cutting through their roots; the flat head allows you to dig straight down, reducing the risk of digging through long roots.

Electric trimmer

Never underestimate how much time and effort it takes to trim hedges and to create a neat and even line. An electric trimmer can make quick work of this job and also allow you to hold the blade steady rather than having to open and close the blades like scissors. In turn, you can simply drag the trimmer over the tops and sides of your hedges, creating that neat and trim appearance.


A spreader is like a wheelbarrow but with an opening on the bottom for spreading seeds, fertilizer, grass food, and the like. Using a spreader makes quicker work of feeding your lawn or garden area, and also allows for a more controlled spread than if you tried to scatter grass seed by hand or used a shovel for fertilizer. Invest in a high-quality spreader with an adjustable opening so you can use it for a variety of items on your lawn; if you have a tractor or mower with a hitch on the back, opt for a heavy-duty spreader that can be towed rather than one you walk behind and push manually.


13 September 2016

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