5 Things You Should Never Put Into Your Septic System

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Domestic treatment plants efficiently break down human waste into useful fertilising compounds, but they can't deal with household items that the bacteria in the tank can't digest. The following five items are disastrous for septic tanks. Keep them out of your drains and toilets to protect your septic tank.

1. Grease and Oil

Grease and oil don't break down in septic tanks, which means they can hang around in your drainage system and lead to clogs. Rather than pouring cooking grease down the drain, collect it in a container and wait for it to cool before you throw it away. Wipe out your pans with a paper towel to remove as much grease as possible before you wash them to reduce the amount of fat that goes down the drain.

2. Wipes

Septic tanks can break down toilet paper, but baby wipes and other types of cleaning wipes don't disintegrate as easily in water. Even if a wipe is labelled "flushable", don't take the risk of flushing it into your septic system. These wipes can hang around in the system for a long time and cause a clog to build up.

3. Tampons

Like baby wipes, tampons don't disintegrate when you put them in water. In fact, tampons are designed to absorb as much fluid as possible, which causes them to swell up. A septic tank that is full of swollen tampons can't work efficiently, which can lead to a very disgusting mess as the waste stagnates. Reduce your risk of needing to call a septic tank repair specialist by keeping tampons and other sanitary products out of your waste treatment system.

4. Bleach

Harsh chemicals such as bleach can kill the bacteria in your septic tank. Without these bacteria, the septic tank cannot break down waste. If you use a septic tank, you need to avoid washing bleach down your drains to clean them. Use eco-friendly cleaning products that don't contain bleach to keep your sinks and toilets clean without damaging your septic system.

5. Condoms

Condoms are designed to resist degrading for many years, which means they are a terrible thing to flush into your septic system. Wrap used condoms in toilet paper and place them in the bin rather than flushing them.

Keeping these items out of your septic tank can help to keep it working well. If you've been flushing any of these items, watch out for signs of your system backing up and consult a septic tank specialist to repair the problem as soon as possible.


30 June 2016

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