Get More than Just Removal Services from your Waste Management Partner


As a factory, laboratory, restaurant, or even a public institution, partnering with the ideal waste removal services provider is an obligation. Waste removal is governed by so many laws and regulations. Sometimes, it may be difficult to keep constantly up to date with these regulations while also focusing on your core business. This is why you need a reliable waste removal partner who handles everything to do with your waste appropriately. On signing up for these services, many people fail to realize that there are more crucial services they can get from their waste removal services provider, beyond simply waste removal. The following are some of the extras a reliable partner can offer, and will go a long way in helping the business.

Waste analytical testing

Liquid waste removal services should also include waste analytical testing. This information helps the business classify its waste into specific categories. A clear understanding of your waste quality and category can help a business identify the right places to dispose their waste and the appropriate service charges for waste disposal. A waste analysis report can also be required by regulatory bodies. In this instance, the liquid waste removal services provider can easily offer the report, without the business having to pay for analytical services from other companies again. With cases from environmental bodies, watch groups, and even municipalities, such reports are crucial as well as costly.

Waste tracking

Simple as it may seem, having a company pick up your waste and dispose it off somewhere unknown to you could land you in trouble. Businesses, factories, industrial installations, laboratories, and even restaurants are required to track their waste and have reports on them. In the event of a case, these reports could prove useful in determining whether your waste was properly disposed of or if its disposal created further problems. Your waste removal service provider should easily be able to generate a waste tracking report if they are operating within legal limits.

Waste packaging

Finally, for installations lacking waste packaging materials, the company you choose for waste removal services should be able to provide you with waste packaging material. Tanks, drums, containers, and other forms of packaging should be availed to you by the company. This is crucial if you are a company producing liquid waste that may be classified as chemically hazardous. The materials recommended for packaging of this type of waste are often specific and regulated. You, therefore, need to rely on your liquid waste removal services provider to offer these specified and regulated packaging mechanisms. The company should also offer replacement of the packaging once picked on site.


29 October 2015

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